Ice Age Exotic Gravity Forcing

A complete ice age carbon cycle


Falling Moon-ice age exotic gravity forcing is the title of an ebook that gives a new left-field hypothesis which claims to solve the many problems with the current Ice Age theory. It makes a fundamental, yet simple, change to the current theory of gravity, which similarly has many fundamental problems associated with it. A clever mechanism of increasing carbon dioxide during the glacial period and releasing it back into the atmosphere afterwards is explained. The millennial cycle is resolved as well as a new driving force for the main 100,000 year cycle. The new picture even shows that there was more sunshine during the colder ice ages and how mammoths weren’t isolated in Arctic barren tundra, but lived in a much more lush environment than previously imagined.

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  1. Anyone interested in reading the yet to-be -published ebook can email me and I’ll send them a draft copy: amlowey (at) hotmale (dot) (co) (dot) (uk)

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