Ice Age Exotic Gravity Forcing

A complete ice age carbon cycle


Falling Moon-ice age exotic gravity forcing is the title of an ebook that gives a new left-field hypothesis which aims to solve the many problems with the current Ice Age/Glacial theory. It makes a fundamental, yet simple, change to the current theory of gravity, which currently has many fundamental problems associated with it. A clever mechanism is shown of increasing tidal energy, transporting extra heat away from the equator, forming high latitude precipitation and creating the glacial period. The millennial cycle is resolved as well as a new driving force for the main ~100,000 year cycle. The new picture even shows warm Atlantic waters entering the Arctic basin and circling all the way round. If sea level is below the Bering Strait (currently ~50m deep), this warm current doesn’t get diverted and continues round to cause great iceberg armadas, the infamous Heinrich ‘binge & purge’ events. The evidence for periodic warming at the polar regions during the colder glacial periods is no longer counterintuitive and shows how mammoths were able to thrive in their millions in the high Arctic.

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  1. I’ve written songs with the help of a professional singer/musician instead of an ebook.

  2. Alan, my biggest listening influence as a youngster was heavy metal, plus some prog rock. But I also played cello in the school orchestra at the time and liked a lot of what we played. Much later I got into the local folk scene, and about 20 years ago I was in 3 bands at once, a folk trio, a Caleigh band contracted to a wedding agency, and a folk-rock outfit. All small-scale local but all getting paid. I played electric Irish whistle in these (i.e. using some effects), and now just play (or did) with a couple of old pals in a trio doing instrumental covers. Mainly pop/rock covers plus ‘jumped up folk’ (folk melodies played to rock rythms or otherwise beefed up), or mixtures of same. I like that fusion, and whistle is a folk instrument but gives a unique transformation to rock/pop tunes that seems to go down well; we do a bunch of medleys where the whistle plays what the singer would sing. I left a link to some sample YouTube vids on your blog. Tried my hand at writing, but didn’t get very far ): Andy West.

    • Talking about cello, I watched the dvd doc Wild Combination last night about musical genius Arthur Russell. He played the cello when he was young, picking it up from his mother. I highly recommend it and his music is inspiring.

      Have you ever considered poetical narration accompanied by the electric Irish whistle? I can imagine that kind of combination working.

    • I’m proposing something extremely radical, namely, that Newton’s imagery and supporting gravity equation was fundamentally wrong. It’s logically plausible that nucleic density matter exists at the inner-inner core of the Earth, moon and sun.

      It’s difficult for someone who has learnt Einstein’s GR and accompanying imagery to contemplate something so profoundly different.

      To imagine that a *strong* gravitational interaction between cores underlies celestial mechanics and that this new physics provides a driving mechanism for climate change must seem somewhat heretical.

      I’ve been researching the anomalies in science for 40 years. It fits like a glove in my mind but trying to convince others is something I’m happy for the evidence to slowly reveal itself.

      I’m predicting that when the rate of rotation of the Earth is measured in near real-time, it will be found to briefly increase during a solar eclipse.

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